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Serverless Cloud Migration

Move your legacy enterprise applications to Serverless Cloud architecture.

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Embedded Systems & IoT

Because, a combination of hardware and software empowers true Innovation.

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Free Technical Seminars

Giving back to society. Free for schools & colleges. Let's Organize one!

About Us

Who we are and what is it that we exactly do?


We are a team of diverse minded individuals who have come together to view this world with a different perspective! We do not work on predefined solutions. We are Thinkers, We are Creators! A solution for us is not just a remedy for the problem, but a meaningful addition to the lives of the common people.
Got a problem? A difficult one? Great! Let's solve it together, Let's INNOVATE.

Our team is currently working on a couple of exciting projects, with one of them deployed for use, called NotiflyU. We are also the Technology & Innovations Partner for companies like YKC & Co., etc. Also, we are open for collaborations with IT and Non-IT companies for empowering Technological Innovations in their respective fields. Reach Out To Us.

The primary goal of our Company is to help create products which can bring an emotion of surprise and thankfulness in the lives of those who benefit from our innovations. Our secondary goal is to do that all in a magically cost efficient way. We are ready to combat even the most difficult challenges, to enrich and make life easier for people. Like-minded? Join Us.

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